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Palestra Center has been created to provide services for meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, courses, round tables, and all type of events that will allow the enhancement on the practice of your business and institutional image.


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Cochabamba , the heart of Bolivia


City of eternal spring, is located in a beautiful valley temperate . The city is proud to have care , creative and colorful gardens , as also with large playgrounds.

Located in the heart of the city of Cochabamba

Where it is very easy to plan your work in regard to other companies and institutions of your interest and, simultaneously, program your spaces for recreation either day or night, to the satisfaction of participants.


Complete package

Day package

In both packages menu choice

  • Coordination of visits to tourist sites (Toro Toro, Cochabamba Tropics, Incallajta , etc. )
  • Specializing in care delegations , foreign and domestic .


  • Auditorium capacity for 100 people, with all resources and instruments required for your presentations (we offer you an overhead projector, flipcharts, panels, television, video, white boards, dvd’s, etc.)
  • Data display.
  • Rooms with private bathrooms for the participants to the events of national and international importance.
  • Total or partial meals for different events.
  • Meeting organizational logistics according to your needs.
  • Total or partial meals for different events featuring a varied menu of your choice.
  • Catering service for external events.
  • Organization and logistical support for meetings according to your own needs.



Arriving at Centro Palestra notice the difference , is not a center again, it is your home in Cochabamba.


Calle Antezana entre Paccieri y Av. Salamanca • Nº 0578 (Zona Central) Tel. fax.: +591 – 4 – 4222286Casilla: Nº 1223

Centro Palestra

Antezana entre Paccieri y Av. Salamanca • Nº 0578, (Zona Central)


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